Easy-Peasy On-The-Go Meals for Hustlers

November 28, 2018

It’s not easy to have a proper breakfast or even prepare a lunch box for your midday meal at work when you have hectic mornings. If you need to cook something easy, quick and healthy to cook for your breakfast menu or your packed lunch, you come to the right place. We are going to share Mrs. Ruth’s recipes for  easy on-the-go meal!

Hey, hustlers! How’s your work today? We know you’re busy, but make sure you’re energized enough to start your day off or to deal with your tight deadlines at work by eating a good food. Don't let your busy daily routines lead to skipped meals! It's important for you to have a breakfast and lunch. While breakfast gives a fuel to seize your day, lunch helps you to improve your productivity. Given the issue of the hectic mornings hustlers usually have and the importance of having a breakfast and lunch, CoHaus take an initiative to host an event “Healthy Cooking Class” vol.2 inviting the expert one in cooking healthy food, Mrs. Ruth. 


It was the second time she came here at CoHaus to teach the members how to cook a healthy food. Once she touched down to our common area -where the event would be held, CoHaus team helped her to prepare everything for cooking class session. We loved to see many fresh yet colorful vegetables she brought! Romanian lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber were such an eye-pleasing. What made it more exciting was the appetizer she already prepared for us to eat before the session was started.


Let's take a look! Our tummy was filled with happiness from the start. Besides mashed potato and galantine meat roll, there were some of the appetizer that actually fit more as dessert menu (but we still ate them anyway!) as you can see cinnamon roll, crispy pastry, lemon cake. PLUS, mango and banana fresh from the garden as a bonus!

Now get back to cooking class session. Mrs. Ruth gave versatile ideas how to make an easy, simple and healthy meals such as caesar salad, sandwich and sushi. The fun trick is we can use the same ingredients to make these food so we can have variety with limited ingredients! For example, you can make a caesar salad first and it can be the filling of sandwich or subway or wraps and rolls. For you who couldn’t join our cooking class but you want to get the recipe, we are glad to share these with you.

Marinated chicken is made quite flexible. You can boil the chicken and simply season it with salt and pepper or you can bake it in the oven by rubbing it first with olive oil.  Also, make your own croutons! It's super easy and quick!

You can eat the salad right away, but for variety, you can make sandwich (with toasted bread), subway or wraps and roll with using the salad as the filling.

 It's simple, quick and easy, isnt it? Delicious meal doesn't have to be complex, and these meals are surely great for your health, try these menus and let us know you made it! ;)


See more photos of Cooking Class vol. 2 here! Regret you didn’t come? Chill out, we will have more upcoming exciting events, you can get the updates here.


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